Podiatric Medicine


We seek to advance knowledge regarding aetiology of foot problems and both the surgical and non-surgical management of common podiatric conditions.

The team of qualified podiatrists aims to deliver a clinical service of excellence supported by research into best practice, the use of innovative technology and, where necessary, podiatric intervention.

The team is able to draw upon many years of experience in podiatric practice, in podiatric surgery and in the management of the high risk foot.

The group is under the leadership of Professor Alan Bryant.


The group’s past and present research interests include:

  • biomechanical study of the foot and ankle in ballet dancers
  • plantar pressure and radiographic changes to the forefoot after the Austin Bunionectomy
  • plantar pressure and joint motion after the Youngswick procedure for hallux limitus
  • clinical evaluation of a  pressure sensing device in a neuropathic foot
  • aetiology and surgical management of Morton's neuroma
  • complications of diabetes

Collaborations and funding

As a result of funding support from government and industry, and valuable collaborative arrangements, the group has access to significant infrastructure relevant to this field including:  

  • $2.6M from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Capital Development Pool for clinical training facility
  • $1M from the Western Australian Department of Health for clinical training facility
  • Agreement between PMU and DoHWA for facilities to be made available for professional clinical development courses for DoHWA employed podiatrists
  • $141K of gait analysis equipment from Footwear Industries for use over 15 years
  • Footwear Industries have provided part-time vacation employment for students to test insole materials for shock absorption capacity for use in safety boots
  • $30K from the Podiatrists Registration Board of Western Australia for the establishment of the Unit
  • $10.5K from the Podiatrists Registration Board of Western Australia towards the purchase of an ultrasound machine used in undergraduate clinic and in clinical research as diagnostic imaging tool.

If you or your organisation would like to support UWA Podiatric Medicine, please contact Professor Alan Bryant.